Responsibilities in the College Application


*communicate desires/wishes honestly with parents and counsellor

*speak to the counsellor if there are personal issues you need help with

*be realistic about expectations

*be actively engaged in the admissions process

*create a file and keep all college admission/career materials organized

*know your application deadlines, application fees and individual college’s required supplements

*keep a calendar for admissions processes

*focus on the right colleges/careers, those which will meet your needs

*punctually attend all group and individual guidance meetings

*sign up online or submit paper applications by all test deadlines

*meet deadlines by submitting materials to your counsellor two weeks before due dates; understand your counsellor will be supporting many student requests

*follow up on communications and requests from colleges in a timely manner

*refrain from submitting multiple deposits

*continue focus on high school studies after acceptance, as counsellors are obliged to report to colleges any significant changes in a candidates’s academic status or qualifications between the time and of recommendation and graduation


*attend guidance parent meetings

*read all correspondence from guidance counselling office

*proactively communicate with students/counsellor

*be realistic about expectations

*allow the student’s college list to be their list vs.yours

*respect counsellor’s advice and interact with them as professionals

*please work with us not agains us, and know that we want what is best for the student

*hold students accountable for carrying out their responsibilities

*support student’s desires/needs; enable the student to be accountable and take ownership of the college application process

*monitor the process (due dates, etc.)

*make college campus visits a top priority

*celebrate student successes; don’t dwell on failures

*be supportive of student’s feelings of stress during the process


*be knowledgeable about the college admissions process

*educate students/parents about the admission process

*listen to students and parents

*treat each student as an individual

*advocate for the student

*be accessible; communicate frankly, honestly and promptly

*facilitate the application process including providing colleges with a transcript, school profile, and official school recommendation for each candidate

*keep the student’s best interest in mind

*maintain confidentiality

*inform students/parents of the Financial Aid/Scholarship process

*report to colleges any significant changes in a candidate’s academic status or qualifications between the time of recommendation and graduation

*provide future assistance after graduation

*counsel student and parents on social and/or personal issues

*make referrals to outside support sources as needed

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