Grade 11:Growth

*Continue to make academics your priority

-review your academic progress and achievement to date

-continue to assess your strengths and weaknesses

-continue to stretch and challenge yourself

-continue to give attention to course selection

-continue to practice wise time management and good study habits

-continue to give your best effort

*Continue involvement in school activities and community service

*Continue to maintain good attendance and to practice good citizenship

*Make wise social choices

*Attend presentations by visiting college representatives

*Attend all college events

*Parents and students should attend University Workshops

*Meet regularly with your counsellor

*Take the SAT in May or June

*Meet with college counsellor in an individual family conference to develop a college search list

*Begin visiting colleges during spring break

*Consider which teacher to ask for letters of recommendation

*Explore summer program options

*Take one or two SAT II exams in June

*Continue to keep a file/record/portfolio of your achievements.

Grade 11 Timeline


*Ensure that Naviance account is set up

*Work on your C.V./Resume

*Set two personal and academic goals for the school year

*Plan extra-curricular/service learning activities for year

*update Success Portfolio


*Reflect on first quarter grades

*Attend to any academic challenges by hiring tutor

*Meet with counselor


*Plan winter break with activities that supplement academics

*Prepare for mid-term exams

*Enroll in SAT prep course

*Meet with counselor


*Take mid-terms

*Start contemplating essay topics

*Meet with counselor

*Update Success Portfolio


*Reflect on mid-term grades

*Brainstorm essay topics

*Take personality assessments and career profiler on Naviance



*Finish Resume

*Decide on whom to ask for Teacher Recommendations

*Finish rough outline of Essay

*Schedule meeting with counselor and include parents

*Decide on Summer Program

*Decide on Schedule for next year


*establish goal for summer

*take SAT subject  tests

*Do survey from College Match


*Participate in Summer Program

*Finish first draft of College Essay

*Finalize College Application List

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