College Readiness Checklist


1. Can you read up to 200 pages in a week?
2. Do you have a system for taking notes?
3. Can you write a paper of 10 or more organized pages that refers to two or more sources?
4. Do you have a system for preparing for test and exams?
5. Can you clearly summarize a college-level reading assignment?


1. Do you know your academic strengths?
2. Do you know which academic tasks give you the most difficulty?
3. Can you identify the academic supports you need to be successful?


1.  When you run into difficulty, do you ask for help?
2.  Do you schedule your own appointments with doctors,
supervisors, and counsellors?


1.  Do you have a system for keeping track of your projects, books and papers?
2. Do you have a system for scheduling and managing your time?
3. Are you able to ignore difficulties and focus on the task at hand?
4. Are you able to complete all the steps of a project in a timely manner?

5. Do you have a strategy for completing tasks that you find boring?

6. Can you balance your classes, studying for standardized tests, taking agency over your college applications system, and taking care of personal problems and family obligations?



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