College of the Week: Quest University

Cost + Aid

Our Financial Aid Office helps students explore financial assistance options to support their education. They include:

  • Quest scholarships, bursaries and awards
  • Campus Work-Study
  • Government student financial assistance programs
  • Veterans’ Affairs
  • Student budgeting
  • Student bank line of credit
  • Quest fee payment deferrals
  • Government student financial assistance program entrance and exit counselling

Students can log into the Quest Portal to access information and applications on an ongoing basis. Go to the Services menu and select Finances. You can also find details about financial aid policies, terms, and administration in the Academic Calendar.

To book an in-person or phone appointment, please email the Financial Aid Office. You can also call us at 604.898.8000 or toll-free within North America at 1.888.QUEST.08 (1.888.783.7808).

Note: Due to the nature of student financial aid and confidentiality policies, both internally and as directed by external parties, Quest’s Financial Aid Office is required to communicate directly with the student. If a student wishes to include parents/legal guardians in the discussion, the student must be present.

CoQuest is a leader in redesigning postsecondary education. Our model is built on uniquely student-centred learning and a groundbreaking curriculum.

Here are some of the things that make a Quest education exceptional:

  • The Block Plan, where students are immersed in a single course for 3.5 weeks
  • One degree: the interdisciplinary Bachelor of Arts and Sciences
  • A personalized Question rather than conventional majors
  • A Keystone Project that caps each student’s individualized journey
  • Highly interactive classes with no more than 20 students
  • Faculty whose passion lies in teaching

Academic policies and program details can also be found in the Academic Calendar. If you’re a current student looking for program requirements and course prerequisites,  you can find them here in the Course Catalogue.

The Curriculum

The Foundation Program: Years 1 and 2
A Solid Base for Inquiry

The first two years of your degree consist of 16 courses, a multidisciplinary curriculum that spans the liberal arts and sciences, tackling themes from the classic to the contemporary. At the end, you will write your personalized Question, developed with faculty guidance in a dedicated course called Question Block.

The Question

Your Question will drive the rest of your undergraduate education, and can range from narrow to broad. One student asked, “What is the relationship between symmetry and beauty?” Another asked, “How can we effectively eradicate infectious diseases?” The possibilities are endless.

The Concentration Program: Years 3 and 4
Depth in the Topics You’re Passionate About

In the Concentration Program, you design your own academic path while working with a faculty mentor. Inspired by your Question, you’ll pursue what you’re most passionate about, taking 16 courses that include Electives and Experiential Learning along with your Concentration courses. You’ll cap your undergraduate education with a Keystone project.

The Keystone

The culmination of your Quest degree, your Keystone Project will reflect your passion, your research, skills, knowledge and experience. Keystones can take a myriad of forms: a scientific paper, a documentary video, a portfolio of poems…the format is yours to create. Each year, several Keystones are awarded Distinction, and some are chosen as Showcases that the authors present in front of an audience that includes the Quest community and beyond.

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