Tilburg University

New Bachelor programs at Tilburg University
We are happy to inform you about the new Bachelor’s programs Tilburg University is adding. In September 2017 we will start with 3 new programs in Law & Governance, Social & Behavioral Sciences and in Communication Sciences:

Public Governance
Around the world, governments face pressing social issues regarding, for example, a governance crisis of liberal democracy or the future of the European Union. Students of Public Governance analyze how governments deal with such problems from an internationally comparative and multidisciplinary perspective.

Find more information on our website.

International Sociology
International Sociology focuses on dynamics between individuals, groups and society. Students learn understanding social problems and study social themes such as migration, poverty, inequality and cultural differences for connecting them to politics and policy.

Find more information on our website.

Cognitive Science and Artificial Intelligence   

In the Bachelor CSAI, students learn about communication, cognition, and technological innovation: functions of the human brain and of computers capable of intelligent behavior. Not only will they look at processes within the human brain, but also on how these can be organized in computers and robots. To study these questions, students acquire basic programming-, data analysis and data visualization skills.  

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